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can it harm a cd system or cd itself if you have a song on a cd playing on repeat all through the night?

ive started to go to bed at night and listen to cds playing throughout the dark night, mainly old music of david bowie etc, at the moment i'm listening to a david bowie compilation double cd album, it is very good, and ive been sometimes choosing certain tracks on the cd, then putting that song on repeat, so the cd stereo system repeats that song continuously all night..

but i did this recently, and after a few hours of repeating the same song on the cd, it jumped to another song on the cd, and stopped repeating the song i chosen to repeat?

why is that and can it harm a cd disc or cd stereo system to have a song on repeat for hours through the night, through the empty hours?

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    The only thing that can physically wear out 

    is the spindle motor in the player. 

    The optical pickup can fail, too, in an electronic fashion. 

    Maybe you should consider using an MP3 player for this purpose. 

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    I did that once, and I burned in the song into my speakers. Then when I played anything else, I could still hear that CD playing faintly. I knew PC screens could get an image burned in if it was left too long, but I didn't know it could happen to speakers.

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    Yeah, you can burn out the servos if the thing is playing without rest for 12 hours (the servo is just the tiny little motor which spins the disc). If you want to play music all night, you would be better off using equipment with no moving parts like flash memory, flash sticks or Micro SD. Your unit might have skipped because the lens is dirty, or the CD is scratched. If you had burned out the servo, it would simply refuse to play at all and possibly make little grinding / ticking noises. Try a lens cleaning disk in your player and try cleaning the cd with a fine spray of antistatic polish and a microfibre cloth. Suggest wireless bluetooth speaker with memory slot for flash cards for all night audio :

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    You can burn the CD to a CD-R and not worry baout damaging the original. The laser that plays the CD is very low power so it should not damage the CD, but you can play if safe.

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