When will I get my unemployment check?

Hello. About three weeks ago I filed for unemployment. I have made a claim for the last two weeks. I’m still waiting on mail to see if I was approved or not. On my account it say that I should get $118 and my net was 0.00. It said my unpaid waiting period was processed 10/17. . I don’t know if this means I was approved or not, I set up direct deposit and nothing was released into my account, I never got any mail saying if I qualified. Was i qualified and when should I start receiving checks will it be next Friday? I’m in New York thanks

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    10 months ago
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    In most states there is a waiting period before you are paid benefits even if you are approved. If you lived in my state, the first two weeks is on you. Meaning you do not get benefits until the third week of being unemployed.

    I cannot specifically speak as to when you would receive benefits in New York.

  • 10 months ago

    i would call the unemployment office and ask them about it

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