Best CISS compatible printer that have less cleaning cycle?

I'm looking for dye CISS compatible printer that have less cleaning cycle.

I currently have PIXMA MX410 which drains ink like crazy due to all the cleaning cycle. Is that all cleaning so necessary?

Anyway, I started looking for a tank printer after that.

Unfortunately all the tank printers uses pigment ink except the Ecotank 2500,2600 series which has unstable paper feeding system that is unacceptable for my use(If you want to see what it does, search Youtube Epson ET-2650 - Unboxing, Setup and Review and skip to 6:10)

So then I started looking for CISS compatible printer. I'm planning to choose one of the printers like Canon ix6820, Epson WorkForce WF-7710, or Brother MFC-J5330DW which has similar price range, CISS compatible, or refillable cartridge compatible, and wide format printable function.

My first choice was Canon ix6820 because I was hooked up by the 1 picoliter droplet size(which I don't know how much difference it makes) and their max dpi. However, I have stereotype about Canon printer that it would suck up all my ink for that cleaning cycle, so I'm still considering it. Even with CISS, I want a ink efficient printer.

Although, is Canon printers cleaning cycle any different than other company?

Next choice is Epson WF-7710. WF-7710 is widely known best CISS printer right? should I choose this printer? or Brother MFC with refillable cartridge?

Which printer of those three, or alternate printer would be the best CISS wide range printer?

2 Answers

  • John
    Lv 4
    9 months ago

    Here is where to go to read up on different printers, how they work, which ones are the most efficient, etc. It's a site which doesn't sell printers. I would recommend you read about 1) CISS systems and the drawbacks 2) refillable cartridges 3) the ecotank printers 4) the recommended printers.

    • Mino9 months agoReport

      Nice website. I learned something new, but I'm still going for CISS. I'm going to be printing lots and lots of paper. I would like to take less effort in refilling. They also recommend printer I've listed, but still doesn't talk about the cleaning cycles and which is a better choice. Epson or Canon?

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  • Bill-M
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    Laser printers don't have cleaning cycles, they don't use INK.

    • Mino9 months agoReport

      Laser printers have lots of cons too. First of all, the start up cost is expensive, and also instead of ink, they have toner and drums that needs to be replaced(which doesn't differ so much from inkjets). Toner used in Laser printer is toxic to breath(especially in unventilated area like my room).

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