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I'm sad all the time...?

I'm very siblings, no friends...My fathers left me and my mom when I was 5, I'm 25 right now. I live with my mom. I have never had a boyfriend. I'm always sad and cry a lot because of my life. I know there is nothing I can do about this, my life just mom doesn't understand me she says it's my own fault. But is it my fault that I don't have a father or siblings? Is it my fault that I have no friends because all of my high school friends were unfaithfull and left me? This

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    Do nothing. Things come to when you don't expect much of it. Continue to live and take care of yourself first. Show strong personality and guys will come sticking to you like glue and then you'll have a choice.

    Remember, expect nothing out of life and you will never be disappointed.

    Get on.

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    You would do well to make an appointment as soon as possible with a counselor as soon as you can. Interview them on the phone and find someone who sounds nice, and that you can relate to and understands your situation and seems interested in you as a person. Understand, though, that you are not going to the counselor to find a friend. Your counselor will help you to find out who you are and how to move out of the "place" that you are stuck in right now. High school was 7 years ago, at least. That's longer than high school lasted, you know. Dad left 20 years ago. Not to say that his leaving wasn't a terrible thing, but you have your mom, and do you know what she has? Mom has the exact same thing that you have... the man left her too. AND she has the situation of a 25 year old, adult daughter who cries and is sad all of the time. She has lost her husband, raised you, and has now almost lost you as a person just as you become an adult. It is difficult to find friends. There are places to find them. Do you go to church? If not, join one. Get into the singles group. If there isn't one, join a different church. Do you regularly go to the library? Is there a college? Where do the students go to hang out? To be quiet and have espressos and study? Go there. Ask around. Be a sleuth. You don't have to go to bars to make friends. Do you like animals? Go to the pet store and hang around. Maybe you can find a job there. If you like books, if there isn't a job at the library, volunteer. Volunteer at the church, at the animal shelter, at a senior center, anywhere that will get you out of your own space in your head for awhile and get you into the community. It will give you perspective on what else is going on in the world, it will give you other people to talk with, and it will give you others to be responsible for. It is vitally important, at your age, that you step up and take responsibility for taking care of the most precious thing you have in your life, which is your own sense of purpose and happiness. This starts with your own mental health and reason for getting out of bed in the morning. If you have to, ask yourself what a gentle, caring friend would say to you when you're having a particularly tough time. They'd say come on, right now, get going. Let's make a cup of tea, there, that's right, put on the pot, get out the cup and the tea, lay out the milk and sugar, and get a spoon. Ok, just wait. You feel better already. (That kind of self-talk). When tea is done, you'll clean up then you'll call at least 3 mental health professionals, so while you're drinking, get the phone book or computer, and make some decisions about numbers to call. (Next steps). You can do this! It's going to be a process, but everything in life boils down to 2 choices. Always. Yes or no. Right or left. Up or down. You get the picture. For you, it's call or not. Go or not. Tell the truth or not. Etc. You asked for help. You've got it in the form of a bunch of answers. Read through. Some are nice. Some are a little "meh." Sift through. Choices: Learn or not. You can do it. You've got this. Every day, go for a walk. Every day.

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    You need to see a mental health professional, maybe get put on antidepressants. Not sure if you can simply "get over this"

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    Go to your nearest shopping centre, take a walk in the park...

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    Sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel better, I moved to another state and left all my friends back home. I miss them a ton because here I have no friends and I e lived here almost two years. Part of it is because I don’t work only school. But I’m 26 and not gonna be friends with stuck up 18 year olds. Also, I’m the only child as well. I grew up with my cousins tho and my bff was my neighbor. You just need to get a job if you don’t already, be social, be yourself, make friends and eventually go out with them and do stuff. Or if it’s an option move out of state or a few hours away from where you’re living now and start over. As far as boyfriends, try online dating? 

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    I'm sorry to hear that.

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    You need to change your mindset. Start reading about laws of attraction. Only you can change your thinking. Stop focusing on what you dont have and think about what u do have. Start doing things you love and you will end up attracting like minded people into your life. Force yourself to volunteer somewhere. Focus on helping people, spreading kindness and joy and you WILL attract the right people and things into your life.

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    It makes no sense worrying about friends you don't have.

    Get outside and do some hobbies.

    You'll meet someone.

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    you sound hot (15 characters of hotness)

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    High school was years ago. Time to grow up and get over it. You need to go out and find friends. They will not come to find you.

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