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How do i explain to my son that his little sister died?

I have/had two children, a boy 6 years old and a girl almost 1 year old. Recently my baby girl was spending a lot of time in hospital and she died yesterday. My son has loved my daughter ever since she was born and has always loved playing with her. My son doesnt know she is dead yet and still thinks she is coming home soon because thats what we told him when she was in the hospital. Today he asked me when she was coming back and i didnt know what to say. I know i have to tell him somehow but im not sure how. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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    Very sorry for your loss. Explain that she took a turn for the worst in the hospital and the doctors could not save her. Make sure the boy goes to the funeral and is involved in the aftermath. Tell him his little sister was very ill and you are all very sad about it and, hopefully, some day, you will have another sister for him, or perhaps, a brother, who is healthy.

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    Tell the truth. I'm not a parent, but I know from various ages of my and other family member's childhood, never lie to kids or just avoid tough subjects (the way Asian families just do -_- ) Actually answer the questions they ask. Also, studies show that you should use the words death and died, don't beat around the bush and confuse small kids with phrases like "passed away", "went to sleep", "became an angel", whatever... older kids, teens obviously know what you mean when you say this, but small kids will get confused, even if it's hard to say out loud. Finally, try to find some positives, like if family members are coming for funeral, try to make that a fun thing for him.

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