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Things to do/places to go at night under 18 with no friends?

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    Make YouTube videos

  • 10 months ago

    library and study.

    at home, have a good rest, because while you are growing, your body needs to repair its hormonal changes and emotional changes. have a good rest and study and have good grades.

    once you turn 18 or 21 there are plenty of work to be done. so rest while you can.

    if you go out at night, you especially with not much experience, just have to trust the wtong group of people, it can cause traumatic experiences.

    you definitely need an adult age about 60 to guide you in life if you do want to venture out. there are many unspoken rules, many misinterpretation that you are willing to join a gang or willing to sell yourself. the older folks as long as you are alone and ready to tempt you with all the things that you have(money/time/emotions), so basically you deserve to have a better life than to be a bait for nightlife and singleness.

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