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Looking for the name of a tv show about what it could be like when humans first see alien ships approaching?

There was a show I'm going to guess maybe 5-7 years ago-it was one of those types of shows where it cuts between interviews with people in science, ufo enthusiasts, etc., with parts where it's actors in a dramatization. Not an eyewitness type thing, more like speculating what could happen. In the dramatizations, it shows people first seeing ships, & eventually the ships rain down these things (spiny looking ball things) that attach to things, & no one knows what they're for. It may or may not have been a series, but if it was it was a shorter series. It's driving me crazy that I can't remember what this was called.

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    Alien Encounters, a science fiction mini-series explores how Humanity might react to first contact with aliens. The series is presented as a science fiction drama intermixed with commentary from scientists and sci-fi writers. The series begins with an alien signal detected by the SETI Institute and follows through alien contact and the creation of hybrids ("Brids") based on alien DNA.  

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