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How do I deal with guilty of cheating on my husband ?

Several years ago, I cheated on my husband with his friend. I got pregnant. I pretended the baby was my husband’s. As the years go by, I feel more and more guilty about lying to my husband. I know I shouldn’t, but part of me really wants to admit what I did. It would destroy my husband and my son would hate me. 

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    im surprised you havn't gotten a DNA test by now to see if the child is ur husbands or his best friends? who does the child look like more?? it's not fair that you've kept this from your husband all these years...allowing him to think this is HIS son...n RAISE this child as his OWN....(if this child is NOT his child, this will devistate him n ur son*) u have to find out once and for all ......n hopefully it IS his son¬!.................... as someone else mentioned above in a reply to your may think no one needs to know*.........but somehow someway, this WILL come out....what if your child got sick (Pray he does NOT)..but if he did n he needed something only a father would have it will come out then........... or if it's not ur husbands child...this child WILL in a few more years start to resemble looks of ur husbands best friends side of the family............IT WILL EVENTUALLY COME OUT* u need to find out once n for all NOW..if this in fact is your Husbands Child*........ GoodLuck*

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    Keep your mouth shut and live with the guilt as best as you can. You'll probably lose both of them if you tell them. How do you think that would make them feel? What if it turns out to be your husband is his father, surely you wasn't going without sex with him. What made you do it to begin with?

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    By keeping your mouth shut. you have already did enough damage. don t say anything.

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    It's bitter, but it's always better in the long run. Don't live a life of lies and deceit.

    Eventually, your son will hate you more for lying to his face than he will for you just spitting out the truth. He will forever doubt your love if he finds out about this later on through some other way. Right now, you think it will never come out. But someday sometime somewhere, the truth will come out and then you won't be able to control it. You'll be the liar too. You'll be the one who lied and pretended to love your son. How would you feel if this lie upends your marriage and family and grandchildren 20-30 years from now? Don't live with a sword hanging over your head for the rest of your life. Everything will come crashing down and you will potentially lose FAR MORE later than you can lose now.

    Just tell the truth. It happened. You made a mistake. Admit it. Learn from it. Be sorry. Move on.

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    I think that you should have told the truth from the beginning but that's already past tense so the best thing you can do is tell the truth. I know it's not gonna be fun and it's gonna suck but it would be worse to continue lying and you obviously feel horrible about it because you came on here and you felt the need to talk about it. He's gonna be very hurt and so will your son but i'll say it again it's a lot worse to continue lying.

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    you should feel guilt because you betrayed your husband are continuing lying daily to him.

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    Your recklessness and bad choices will end up destroying you. You lost on this one whether you tell them or not.

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    You've got nothing to gain by telling your husband except for creating a very difficult relationship with him in the future ending with a possible breakup of your marriage and the loss of respect from your son. You've lived with your guilt thus far and it'd be best to continue to do so. However, be aware that you're far from the only one in this situation. Many other women (and guys) also live in this situation. What's done is done and you can't change it. Good luck.

  • kristy
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    4 weeks ago

    Just keep your mouth shut. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

  • Kim R
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    4 weeks ago

    So you have done a DNA test on them both to be sure he actually isn't your husband's son? Otherwise, you may be making yet another bonehead move by telling them. So far, you've shown no class at all by cheating, and now you want to make yourself feel better by getting the guilt off your chest and putting pain on them. Way to go. Get yourself some counseling.

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