is britain having another brexit vote?

i don't believe this,  people voted leave the first time, which won by the way, so why isn't the peoples vote being honoured? is it no longer a democracy here?

i just logged into my email account and saw the above news story that we now have to vote again, another referendum is it?

can anyone tell me whats happening with brexit? i thought we had reached a deal with the eu and brexit was going ahead?

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  • Clive
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    2 months ago

    No, we are NOT having another vote of the people. The story is about the House of Commons voting on the latest version of the deal, which Boris agreed with the EU this week. You must read the story more carefully to find out WHO is voting. And it isn't us.

    The good news is that having voted No to a deal three times, the Commons might actually vote Yes this time. In which case we have Brexit with an agreed deal on 31 October.

    Whoever wrote the story is an idiot who doesn't understand what is going on either. It mentions an "implementation law", but we already have one. Parliament passed it last year so it's all there ready to go, with 31 October already written into it. We do not need an extension of time for this. It will take time to implement what is in the deal, but that is written into the deal itself.

  • Biff
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    2 months ago

    There was nothing genuinely democratic about the vote in 2016. The Leave campaign secured victory with blatant lies about Turkey being about to join the EU and Turkish nationals flooding in and about brexit freeing up £350 million per week to spend on the NHS knowing these lies would swing the vote. Dominic Cummings was quite open about the fact that raising these issues, avoiding difficult issues like post-Brexit trade, was crucial to their victory when he wrote about the referendum in 2017.

    Too few voters knew they were being lied to in 2016 and too few voters knew what Brexit would actually mean for the UK economy, jobs and personally. Democracy demands they should have a second chance to vote in a final referendum now they are better informed. Nigel Farage would have campaigned for a second referendum if Remain had won by a slim majority in 2016 so Brexiters can't complain too much about Remainers campaigning for a second and final referendum when Leave won by a small majority based on lies in 2016.

    • Clive
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      2 months agoReport

      Clearly you don't know what democracy is. And nothing you have said has any relevance to the question that was actually asked.

  • 2 months ago

    No its gonna have another vote to have another vote to have another vote about voting about another potential reason to vote.

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