Question about coming out as trans ?

So I’m a 21 year old guy, I’ve been cross dressing at home sexual wise and what not for a few years now but the last 6 months or so I’ve been pushing it to go outside my house dressed up with the wig makeup ect, going to quiet parks ect. Recently I’ve told close family members and friends that I will be completely coming out as trans full time here soon. I’m just nervous because my voice. I have a super feminine body and am pretty much passable from what I’ve been told and am going to be starting Hormone replacement therapy next week. My biggest and only concern is my voice. Like right now I want to start going into full on public like stores, busier parks, and places like that but I am too worried about my voice being as deep as it is. I know I’ll have to work on my voice a lot for it to be feminine but that’s going to take a long time and I still want to go into public in the mean time. Just nervous of how store employees and what not will look at me when they hear my voice. Can someone give me some tips to overcome this fear?

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  • reme_1
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    4 weeks ago

    Before you start playing dress up you better talk to the counselor at the gay center and some at the trans support group. Your voice isn't your biggest problem. If you don't know what you are doing someone is going to grab you and beat the crap out of you. Dressing up like a woman does NOT make you a woman. It takes counseling, lots of hormones and surgeries.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    People with sexual fetishes should never transition.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You really should be joining trans support groups and young adult lgbt groups in person. Network with your local lgbt center. Go to drag nights at local gay bars. Find ways to meet up with other trans and pick their brains. Maybe a pro lgbt church or rec league, volunteer for some lgbt charities.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Don't let your deep voice prevent you from taking voice feminization therapy. Therapy has been shown to be effective in voice feminization, and the modification of certain voice characteristics, such as fundamental frequency and voice resonance, can help in that effect. What is considered a feminine or a masculine voice varies depending on age, region, and cultural norms. And besides, there are many women that have deep voices. Not every woman has a stereotypically soft, high-pitched voice. Good luck!!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    i have met many women who happen to be "transsexual". all of these people are no more then just-people. they have jobs and careers, are professionals or laborers, wealthy or poor, and so on; just common people who happen to be gay.

    sure, skip the heavy make-up and dress, and casual dress in casual clothes. does anyone relate to you as a woman?

    i had someone laugh in my face, because i went to church with the heavy make-up and a dress; i suppose i was trying really hard to look good and to "pass" as a woman. isn't the real question as to whether you are accepted as a person?

    however, my church does accept me as "gay". there are many gay-people in my church.

    on the other hand; when people join churches they often bring their own prejudices with them, but it is not our policy to discriminate.

    so saying, you will run into those who hate gays.

    the real question is: do people dislike you for your personality, or do people dislike you because you are gay?

    and vise-a-versa, do they like you for it? many people are accepting of others, and trans-women do have admirers.

  • "I know I’ll have to work on my voice a lot for it to be feminine but that’s going to take a long time"

    Quite true, which is why you should have started re-training your voice a long time ago.

    Do you have a gender therapist or are you just winging it (transition)? A therapist should have been counseling you on this months ago.

    You can find voice training videos on YouTube.

    My advice? Realize this is going to be a long and intensive project It took me months to get the basics down and then a couple years to really strengthen my voice. So you're going to need to do LOTS of practice. You're also going to have to do it constantly. It's going to be easy to get discouraged, but you're going to need to be very persistent. When you find it your new voice is going to sound weird, child-like and weak. Do NOT let that strangeness make you give up. That is the real you and there is no going back to that other voice That other voice may be comforting and easy, but it's not the real you. It's about this time you will finally realize how psychological voice is. Once you identify these psychological hurdles of voice and conquer them you will have earned a significant personal victory. If you need help you should be able to find a voice therapist that has experience with trans people.

    Good Luck!


    Source(s): me-woman who was born transsexual (post-op)
  • 4 weeks ago

    You can overcome that fear by realizing that at this point there's nothing you can do about your voice, so you might as well not worry about it. This will help you in other parts of your life as well; Stop worrying about the things you can't change.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I can give you a tip to quit posting the same cut & paste troll...

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