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For believers. Is the future unfolding (or being created) by the choices human beings make......below?

…..That is to say, is the future being determined by the choices human beings make and not the future God sees?

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    Since I don't believe in God the future is about our choices.

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    The future does not exist to humans in a materialistic sense. Humans only exist in the present. As each moment passes, the future becomes the present and the present becomes the past.

    The choices we make are a reaction to the reality around us. Reality is solely defined by God, not by us. We either accept the truth of God's reality or reject it. But rejecting it (even accepting it) has no effect on reality, as reality is not dependent on belief.

    God exists outside of time, since He is the Creator of time. Humans are finite creatures only existing in a moment. God transcends time and everything is happening for Him now. He is at the creation of the universe, He is present now, and He is present at the end when He returns in glory.

    God is also omniscient and eternal. He knows all things, He sees all things. Nothing is outside of His control or view. He is God. He is "I AM".

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    Because God is in Heaven, and we are on Earth (hardly able to see further than the end of our own noses), we like to think we are making choices, even manipulating events (especially in political areas) but God laughs at us. Just read Psalm 2 as to how God views the nations who are against Him.

    The choices we humans make are influenced by unseen demonic forces who are manipulating world events to bring all the nations to the battle of the great day of God Almighty. Have a read of Revelation chapter 16. Go on. I dare you.

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