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Are there any other religions besides Catholic and Greek Orthodox where sins are confessed?

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  • Doug
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    4 weeks ago
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    All the original, Orthodox Churches, that were actually established by one of the twelve Apostles - not just the Greek Orthodox - still have a valid array of powerful, grace giving Sacraments, including the Sacrament of Penance/Confession/Reconciliation. Anglicans/Episcopalians claim to as well, but because of their earlier, Protestant rebellion against they Catholic Church, they really don't.

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    In Christianity sins must be acknowledged (admitted), and the person must take responsibility, be accountable, and make restitution if at all possible.

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    Many Christians confess directly to God. When Jesus was crucified, the vail of the temple was torn in half. We no longer need a priest.

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    The jehovah's witnesses do.

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    Most Christer sects require a confession of sins to obtain or maintain grace. Whether that confession is made to cult handlers, cult leaders, cult membership and/or the cult god depends entirely on each individual cult's dogma.

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    In Christianity we are supposed to confess serious sins.

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  • Joe
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    Christians, unlike Roman Catholics, are to confess and repent of sin to God and God is the only one who can forgive sin. Not a sacerdotal priest.

  • Anonymous
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    You can tell me all about your sins, baby.

  • to another man I dunno In Christianty we confess our sins to God

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