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I have a boyfriend but want to experiment with girls?!?

So I’ve been dating this guy for two months. We’re very lovey Dovey and he’s told me he really likes me and is serious about me. He drives an hour and a half to visit me at college as often as possible and we text everyday and have deep conversations. I’m crazy about him and he’s crazy about me. I’ve always been kind of curious about girls but it’s only the ones who look kinda masculine. So I was in my class the other day and we had to go to this seminar and there were like 6 of us girls and this one girl sat next to me and she seemed kinda tomboyish but I couldn’t tell if she was gay or not. We had to go around the room and play game’s and stuff and she kept commenting after everything I said but it in a nice way lol. She called me her friend and laughed at a comment I made to someone else. Her friends aren’t gay I don’t think but she gives me those sort of vibes. How do I find out and try this out? Or should I hold of because of my boyfriend? I rlly like him too!

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    Everything you've described is how I act with women I want to make friends with- and I am not interested in a physical relationship with them. So don't jump to conclusions. Only you can decide whether your relationship with any one person is important enough not to risk it by getting involved with someone else. It may be important for you to figure out what you sexuality is, and what will make you happy in the long run. Do you have the typical physical reactions to women- weak at the knees, heart pounding, etc? Or is this just an intellectual curiosity? I'm sort of interested in knowing how it feels to rob a bank, but I'm not going to risk my freedom for the experience!

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    9 months ago

    A masculine girl will use a strap on dildo on you which is not pleasurable and nothing comes out from it but your bf will shoot hot loads inside your pu si hole

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