Am I overly jealous?

I'm in grade 11 and so is my boyfriend. I know I am a very jeleous person which isn't great. So there is this girl at our school and basically she touches my boyfriend? My boyfriend just told me about a month ago but one of my friends who was in the same class as them last year told me its been happening since at least last semester (aka anytime between February-June 2019 and we started dating December 2018). Situations are like he'll stretch out his legs and she'll put her foot ontop of his foot, She leans on him and she has said in a jokingly way that she loves him (this is new). She leans on him for advice stuff, when she was in a relationship, she would tell him EVERYTHING that was happening and still does. The issue though is shes known to be a very touchy person and there are people that she's texted for advice that I didn't even know she talked to. My friend said "If it was anyone else then I would get it but she's just like that and I'm sure she doesn't have a crush". I don't think she has a crush on him and I'm not worried about him cheating but it just really annoys me. When I asked him to stop her it went like this, she drew a heart on his hand and he told her to stop and she was like "Oh okay" and then he felt bad and said I made him feel mean. Recently she's leaned on him and he doesn't want to say anything because he says I shouldn't care, he's not going to cheat so it shouldn't matter. 

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    Be annoyed and move past it, and get a grip . Your boyfriend isn't doing anything about it and sounds like he thinks nothing of it. Thing is if you keep on about it, it could make him pay more attention he might not otherwise. You need to learn how to set that jealousy aside and nit let it consume you. He's gonna get tired of hearing it.

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    Tough situation. I understand your dislike of her touching him, but it's not going to work to put him in the difficult position of making her stop. That's just going to make him resent you.

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