Amazon trying to scam me?

So I ordered a used monitor from amazon.(PG27UQ) The order came in the original box, however when I opened it, a different monitor was in there. It was not the one I ordered, inside the box was the XG27VQ. Amazon told me to send it back to them and when I did they returned it and said that’s not the one they send to me and that they can’t process a refund unless I send the original back. What am I suppose to do? That’s the monitor they send me. What can I do? They already said the are opening a second investigation but if they deny it again? What would ya advise me to do? And I will never be buying used item anymore.

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    4 weeks ago

    amazon is pretty legit...the message came from the seller...not amazon itself..once you file a report or whatever its called, they will look into it, realize you got scammed...ban the seller for life and try to contine as best they can

    • Thenewkid4 weeks agoReport

      I wish that was the case. I’m sure they aren’t trying to scam me. They got scammed and weren’t aware. So they send me the wrong product believing that they send me the right one. But I called them and told them that the moment I opened the box. I didn’t try to send it in without letting them know.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    yes, a multi-billion dollar company exists to scam you.

  • 1 month ago

    Unfortunately for you, this is a common scam that many people try (and often succeed) on Amazon. Amazon is right to be suspicious. Are there any stickers on the monitor or box or paperwork in the box that prove you were sent the wrong model? Otherwise, you should be persistent in attempting to get this resolved but your chances are not good. Blame it on the scammers.

    • Thenewkid1 month agoReport

      No stickers, only the model number sticker on the actual monitor. Can I take legal action?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    this is somekind of miscommunication between their employees.   Sometimes an employee gave an answer and then another employee who does not understand the problem gave another answer.   Make sure you talked to the same person who said that you should return it back.     Also take a photo of the box with the monitor when you unboxed it.    It should be a proof that they sent the wrong item.  

    If all fails, ask for a refund because they sent it wrong.  Buy a used monitor from a computer shop in your area and have it checked....

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  • 1 month ago

    My guess is someone else scammed Amazon.

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