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How to help my dog stop crying?

I adopted a blackmouth cur about a month ago from my local humane society. He was previously a stray so not much is known about his background although he seems to have pretty bad separation anxiety. He is almost a year old now and follows my boyfriend and I around everywhere we go around the house. We have no problem with "velcro dog" behavior however it gets pretty bad when he leave the house or go to sleep for the night. We have his bed, toys and food/water set up in our small kitchen area that we block off with a baby gate when we need to. He HATES the gate and being caged in (terrified of a crate too). He will cry/whine to try to get out (we have NEVER given him any kind of attention while he is crying). Eventually he will settle himself down although that is a months worth of improvement compared to the all night cacophony of his first night here. So when we go to bed he eventually settles down and is quiet during the night, however the worst of it is at the first sign of daylight he cries and whines to get out and does NOT settle himself down this time. I have tried taking him for his walk and putting him right back in but he starts crying again as soon as I leave. We thought it would stop if we kept at it without giving in or giving him attention while crying and although he made some progress we seem to have come to an impasse where he is no longer getting any better at this and I have no idea where to go with it next. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I would say crate train him. Start feeding meals in the crate and eventuallllyyyyyy he will stop crying. Like you said, it's taken a month just for him to stop whining a little bit, so I'd also give it some more time. I went through hell and back crate training a puppy, but there is definitely a time where they begin to love being in there. Put him in the crate while you're still in the house. Put the crate in a place where you are a lot, like the kitchen/living room/bedroom, and crate him while you're cooking or watching TV. This will teach him that just because he's in the crate doesn't mean you are leaving him. Give him plenty of positive mental and physical stimulation, but don't overdo it. Maybe wake up an hour or two before he wakes up in the morning to let him out (if this is why he cries in the morning). Then, put him back in the crate for a couple of hours, even after you get up and start getting ready. It'll definitely be harder before it gets easier, but who knows what he went through before he got to the shelter; the best advice I could give is to just be patient. Good luck!

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    It is a difficult one and likely why he was in rescue as the previous owner couldn't cope........ as a working/herding breed with a working brain, you need to 'find him a job' be it joining a class for obedience, tracking or if you/ your bf are into cycling or running then he also needs to do that, even agility although at under 1 year do not let him jump, but learning contact equipment along with an experienced trainer, the jumps will ( or should be) put down to mini height or on the floor until 18 months... he needs lots of exercise, lead walking daily as well as 'a job' to learn something new, teach new 'tricks' each day, all this will physically and mentally tire him and that will help...that way you drain his energy and it is less likely then to use it to get stressed and whine, also clearly his behaviour has 'worked' for hiim in the past and dogs only do what works, when something stops working they don't use it... but it clearly worked for him, he got what he wanted and it has become a practised habit... you are doing the right thing "we have NEVER given him any kind of attention while he is crying"

    I have a working dog who wants to be on the go 24/7 and because my dogs assist me with my work they are always with me, which can be the start of separation anxiety...... however from day one she has slept in the utility room over night ( noise issues for the first week until she realised I didn't 'join in' and tell her to be quiet or go and see her) and each day I shut her in the kitchen/utility room for an hour or two where she has a bone to keep her occupied, she is quiet in my car as sometimes I am with a client so she can't be with me, but the rest of the tiime, she is working, learning, walking etc so in her time aloone she is tired

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  • 9 months ago

    maybe you should give him to your boyfriend, he probably misses him

    • Rachel9 months agoReport

      What does this even mean?... If you don't have any advice please do not comment

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