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Mental Illness or Animal Abuse?

I am a carpet cleaning contractor and I can't even wrap my head around this one. Of course, we clean animal urine from carpet every single day. An accident occurred. We clean one or two spots. We have cleaned some really bad ones.

I just finished cleaning a single bedroom. It took me 3 hours and I honestly don't think I am done.

We use a tool called a Water Claw. The spot extractor is the most common, it is about 10x10". We have a little tool that is more like 5x8" that allows for extra hard suction. Then there is the tool for cleaning floods, like sewer overflow. It is 14x22". It has good, not great suction.

They keep the dog locked in the spare bedroom. We removed the dresser, a table and a chair. I have a 32 gallon trash can on a dolly that I fill with water and cleaning product. This is enough to clean a greasy 2,500 sf restaurant carpet. It has never been "too little" for flushing out urine. Then there was today. 75 gallons went down. About 73 gallons came back out still as dark as coffee. This is mind boggling. I'm not used to having the water not run clear.

I wanted to pull the carpet, clean the subfloor and replace the pad. The wife said no. That happens. Maybe I get it reasonably clean after 50 gallons of flushing. This one, there is no end in sight. 75 gallons and it looks the same. Suck with with the big tool as I flush, suck it with the 10x10" tool a second time to pull another gallon or two of pee water out. I know I could have flushed it again.


I had to go home and shower so I can go to my 1:30 appointment. I smell like dog pee. I have never seen it this bad. Husband works full time. Wife is "semi-retired" dog is locked up day and night in this room. Do they even walk it. Oh yeah it had turds too. I've seen a lot. This was disturbing even for me.

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  • 10 months ago

    that could go either way

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    the way you explain with the amount of gallons is mind boggling.   you are a carpet cleaner and not animal police.   BTW, dont judge people if you dont have enough information.   it is what ignorants do....

  • marty
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    10 months ago

    If you think its abuse then call the proper authorities, not strangers on the internet. You clean carpets for a living yet you whine about how bad it was or how long it took? I don't see that as a very good business move. If it bothers you then change professions. People are supposed to trust the people they hire to be professional. You do not meet that requirement.

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