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I dont know if I should act on this?

SO a close friend recently passed suddenly and i have spent the past couple weeks grieving pretty hard. His buddy who called to tell me, well we have messaged here and there about how we are doing handling it. I saw him at the memorial the other night and i felt like we had a connection ..we hugged a few times (a long hug) and mentioned quite a bit about getting together and hanging out. When i left he came up to me and asked if i was leaving then hugged me and i told him to let me know if they (him and his friends) get out at all cause i would love to join and he said yes we definitely will stay in touch. But now what..i mis my friend a lot and feel the need for him because its nice to grieve with support and i am also attracted to him..?

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  • `
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    4 weeks ago

    Should you act on this? Allow yourself time to grieve before entering in a relationship.

  • Brian
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    4 weeks ago

    Get in touch with him and let him know you'd like to see him that you need a shoulder to lean on so to speak.

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