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Are Irish wolfhounds good dogs to have in pairs or one at a time? What are pros and cons of having one?

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  • 9 months ago

    It would be like owning two Chihuahuas or two Huskies or two German Shepherds or two Labs. If their temperaments allow them to be civil to each other, there isn't any reason why you couldn't have 3 or 4 or them.

    Just google Irish Wolfhounds & learn more about them. Mild temperament, good with other dog & kids, they are gentle giants. Do more research so you KNOW.

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  • Maxi
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    9 months ago

    No dogs are 'good to purchase' in pairs as they bond to each other and not the owner/handler, they learn off each other all any any negative behaviours and that means the owner doesn't get the time to train the individual dog, not only obedience but also build its self confidence... once correctly trained you can get another pup of any breed.

    Irish Wolfhounds are a giant breed so cost of everything from health care/operations to food is expensive, also giant breeds have a shorter life span

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