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How should I feel about what my dad did?

My daughter is going to start college soon. The college is 100 miles away. She will be sharing an apartment with 3 other girls. She ask me how I thought she should get around and go the grocery store and other places as there is no public transportation where she is staying. I ask her if any of the other girls at the apartment had a car and she checked and none did. They told her they will use a bike to get around. She wanted me to buy her a bike. I told her with the high cost of tuition, books, and her apartment, it might be a used bike.

She visited my dad and mom last weekend and she talked to them about the problem she would have getting around at college and that I planned to buy her a bike. My dad told her that he used to be an ambulance driver and he had picked up MANY people that had be hit on their bike by a car. He said the bike driver was usually DEAD or severely injured in a car bike accident. He was going to get her something safer than a bike to use at college.

He then took her to a car dealer and bought her a new Kia Soul so she would be safe. She thinks she has the greatest grandpa in the world now.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Dad did not buy me a new car when I went to college. Is dad trying to make me look bad to my daughter because I could not afford to buy her any car let alone a new one or his he concerned about her safety on a bike.

How should I feel about what my dad did?

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    Your dad just gave your daughter a safer way to get around while she's in school. You should be thankful for that. That you are uncertain makes me wonder if there isn't more to your story, that you haven't shared with us.

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    It could be that times were safer when you went to college or he had not experienced the ambulance cases when you went to college or he did not have the money then that he has now.

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    He didn't buy you a car when you went to college because he had many other expenses back then. Now that he's older he can spend money more freely as his expenses are lower. Be happy he bought her a safe mode of transportation and stop trying to find fault with a kind gesture your father did for your daughter. Do you always look for trouble where none exists?

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