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Is there a such thing as unintentionally offering money to have someone killed or hospitalized?

I was told by a person that they would pay to have me assaulted by another individual. I received a call from said individual and they said that if they showed up at my door then they would try to kill me bc his mindset is if he fights someone he feels he’s fighting for his life and so he’s going to try to kill the other person before they kill him. The other person is myself. This is scary because there is someone in my life that is trying to get this man angry enough to fight me and is willing to pay to do so but I don’t think they know that this man is going to try to kill me in the process. What crime, if any, is this? I have evidence and will fill out a police statement today. To me I feel like it’s offering money to commit unintentional murder if that makes any sense. 

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    This is real. I don’t see how any reasonable person would think this is something to joke around with.

  • `
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    4 weeks ago

    At least make your story believable.

  • Lili
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes, it's called hiring a "hit man," informally, or soliciting murder (or assault/grievous bodily harm) more formally, and of course it's illegal.

  • hamel5
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    4 weeks ago

    If this is a real story - you could go to your local PD with it. If someone physically threatens, it's assault in most places.

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