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If a guy has this view of sex, what would you think?

He wants to be with his beloved  girlfriend not with the purpose of sex, but because he wants to get lost in the warmth and softness of her body, kiss her soft skin, smell her,  hold her tight, look her in the eyes, cuddle with her and this kind of stuff . He wants to call her his  angel, his salvation, his everything, the thing that gave his life a meaning, because til then he didn't know what actually felt like to be really alive, he had only knew an unhappy and flawed life, since childhood. He considers her all the innocence of his life and cannot think of just f****** her, or being too rough or hurting her somehow or treating her like an object. Why is this view of sex and love relationship so different from what it's common nowadays? He just dreams of being treated and treat hrr with tenderness and emotion


why is it if a guy is romantic and feels love for his girlfriend he is called gay? He doesn't like men.

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    That's not a view of sex and if he can find a woman who would be satisfied by that instead of sexually frustrated then more power to him. sounds like he has been reading too many romance novels. No woman wants to be responsible for having to be your angel or your salvation. women want a man who sees them as they really are and loves and wants them for who they are and can sexually satisfy them. they do not want a man who has to fantasize that they are an angel instead of a woman who has her own sexual needs

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    I'd say he's not for me.

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    Sex is often a preoccupation for emotionally troubled people like this guy. So yeah, he obviously needs whatever treatment might be available (although things like BPD does have actual "cures") for his particular issues. But in the interim his girlfriend should just make sure she's on birth control because men who come on in overly intense manner usually back off pretty quickly as well and she doesn't want to end up a single mother with a guy who has all these mental problems.

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    made up, no guy thinks this

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    I think you should go back to school and enroll in a creative writing class.

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    Not unlike those Pie in the Sky beliefs in God almighty, his son the Christ, his mother the Virgin & all the saints & angels,

    not to mention Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny

    & lets not leave out the most stupidly naive delusion "Love is Forever".

    What your describing appears to be just a Faze he's going through in the worst Disillusion of all,,

    "First Love"

    He'll get Over it!

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    Honestly it sounds like a line of bull a guy would feed a girl to get with her.

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    He's gay.

    That wasn't an opinion. It's a fact. He's gay.

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