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I was given a two options to choose, either I take a grounding or spanking. Is it wrong if I take the spanking? ?

My dad returned from my school today and he find out that I havent been to school for a week and a half. When he returned home he wasnt furious as I expected but he calmly told me that I will get punished in a way I choose. So he told me to choose if I want to be grounded for a month without going out, phone, TV and computer or I will get a *** whooping with a belt. He gave me a time until tomorrow to choose my punishment. I am afraid of *** whooping but I think it is a better option then a month in my room without anything. What should I do? 

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    Both would seriously end the problem totally forever. As a parent i didnt offer choices. The punishment was bad enough they never thought about doing it again.

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    belts might be considered abuse, maybe you should tell cps about it,also, go to school and then this wouldnt happen

  • Logan
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    10 months ago

    It kind of depends on you. You take the pain and be sore a about a week depending on how hard he hits you or you can have a drawn out month of no external entertainment and if you re not one of those people who can entertain themselves without devices or games or whatever then you re in for a long month.

    Though to be honest he s not threatening to take away books, comics, board games or anything that s not electronic entertainment. You ll be plenty entertained given you can find alternate ways to amuse yourself, maybe pick up a time consuming hobby outside of electronics, like a craft thing or whatever.

    It really comes down to how long you want to deal with being punished. You can also always explain why you weren t at school so long as you have a serious issue being there. Like you re getting bullied or something like that. If you were just getting high or skipping just cause then don t bother but if you have a good reason you can probably lessen the punishment.

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