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I never went to court after i bailed out how does this type of warrant work?

A few months ago I got arrested in Massachusetts for a public intoxication A&B on a officer and resisting arrest I believe all misdemeanors was out partying bailed out of jail for $50 now live three and a half hours away in New York what I am wondering is if I would be arrested and extradited on that Warrent I had run-ins with cops in Rhode island which was closer to where I was living when I got in trouble by 2 hours and they ran my plates on my vehicle which are in my name nothing showed up however I have Maine plated so could that be why? Haven't gave my actual Maine Id yet though I called the courthouse in Massachusetts and they said I do in fact have a warrant in Massachusetts so I am really confused if I actually do have a warrant or not and why would it not show up if I do?I need to take care of it but don't know how or if there is even anything to take care of I don't really have the time or money to go all the way there and take care of it right now so any replies would be helpful thank you...

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    It sounds like your confusion is based upon the poor police work in Rhode Island who only ran your plates but didn't run your ID to check for warrants. As you now know a warrant for your arrest exists and you are still confused? Do you think Massachusetts is lying to you? They aren't. Because this is not a traffic offense, you will have to turn yourself in to the police. It would be more efficient to do so in the same county your were arrested so that you could be immediately arraigned and possibly get bail, starting the whole process over again. Except this time, don't count on a $50 bail. If you can't afford the trip, the police will take care of that for you the next time you see them (outside of RI traffic cops), and give you a place to sleep much longer that you desire.

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    If you didn't show up for your court date, there IS a warrant out for your arrest.

    Arrest warrants NEVER expire. You need to take care of it ASAP.

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    Consult an attorney who can accompany you to the police station in order to turn yourself in.

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    With an open warrant, ANY police officer, or Bailment Enforcer (Bounty Hunter) may take you to the nearest Police Authority, where you will be held until the originator of the Warrant is notified, and comes to get you

    IF your crime was a possible Felony the FBI, and U.S. Marshall will also be alerted.

    As a Felony, should you leave the state it will create, yet, another Felony "Unlawful Fleeing Prosecution".

    Should you make it to another state or country, You will be taken by local authority or Bounty Hunter, and held until you are presented to a proper court for Extradition. When you lose you will be held until an Officer of the original court comes and gets you (or FBI, U.S.Marshal).

    Massachusetts Assault and Battery

    You be in big trouble. Turn yourself in to Mass State Police before they come for you.. . You might not get the Federal Charges too.

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