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My cat caught a mouse? ?

Should I take my cat to the vet ? She just caught a mouse and killed it . Do mice carry any diseases I should know about ? 

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    Mice may carry parasites but the cat's immune system is designed to fight it. The worst your cat can get is worms and they are easily treated with products you can get at pet stores. Just watch their litter if you see any signs of worms. It's very rare.

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    yes mice carry diseases and the worst is toxoplasmosis which cats get from handling mice and the owner gets from handling cat\s feces. this is why it is important to wash hands each time u handle cat\s litter.

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    That's what cats do.

    If your cat is an outdoor cat, it should have been vaccinated - usually RCP, rabies and perhaps leukemia. Mice also usually carry fleas, which can transfer intestinal worms, so a dewormer up to 4 times a year is recommended.

    If you're not in Europe, the recommended vaccinations may be slightly different.

    Indoor cats usually also should be vaccinated (you can/are likely to carry infectious material e.g. on your shoes), but the rabies and leukemia shots are optional in this case.

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