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Is he joking or being serious ?

I do not get on with this health care worker. I am bank nurse there do occasional shifts and he always making comments to get under my skin! He’s only 21 and I am 29 so I shouldn’t let him get to me and I am the nurse. 

Anyway his latest comment upset me, he asked what uni I went to and when I told him he said something like “oh you can tell you went to that uni compared to another uni” I said well one of the other nurses here went to my uni, he said “she must have had additional training then” he then laughed and said “kidding on”. Implying I am crap and don’t no what I am doing at least that how I picked it up. He said this in front of entire office. 

Anyway the other nurse has 6 plus years of experience and I qualified last year obviously she more experienced. 

I am angry at his comment but I could be overreacting and he could be joking and having banter. I feel like telling manager my issues. Or should I just accept he made a joke ? 

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    For a nurse your articulation is absolute sh!t. I smell a troll because you cant spell, your grammar is awful and this post in general makes no sense.

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