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Why is my period still irregular after 4 years?

I started my period only a few days after i turned 13, I'm now 17 and a half and my period is still irregular. I got my period today, but the last time was two months ago. For a maximum of two month my period will fall at around the same time and then I won't have one for at least two months. The longest has been around 4/5. When i first started it i was always told it'd be irregular for like the first year or so, but it's been over four and I'm slightly concerned. 

My mum never has hers exactly a month after, but mine is completely different, i sometimes don't even have it. Should i be worried?


Also, when i do have my period i experience really bad stomach and back pains 

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    Some people go their whole life with irregular periods but it is worth having your doctor check that al is in order.

    Hormonal imbalances can be corrected in many cases.

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    go to the doctor

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