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How can we spread feminism in Eastern Europe?

Women in Eastern Europe are like slaves, subservient housewives and don't know the reality of relationships. These women do anything to please their men as if they have no confidence. Due to unrealistic beauty standards, East Euro women are the most anorexic women on earth.

Even if they are raped or abused by men, they don't speak and also act timid in front of men. That's bad. We need to bring feminism there.

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    (Eyeroll) You go on and on and on with multiple stupid posts about Eastern Euro women.

    Did one of them steal your boyfriend? Or if you're REALLY male ("Red Pill Guy" is your name, but it's hard to believe you're a guy), do they turn you down a lot?

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    Feminism only exists in wealthy countries and is practiced by the wealthy. Eastern European countries aren't as wealthy and the people there aren't as privileged so it would not catch on.

    If an Eastern European woman has to choose between fighting an epic battle of the sexes or taking care of herself as well as the children and elders in her extended family, who have no one else to take care of them, then they're going to miss out on all the fun feminist stuff and choose the latter.

    What can we do to change their minds? We'd probably need to spread wealth to those countries, which is a problem because poor countries like those are incredibly corrupt, so just sending them money would mean that it would inevitably end up at the hands of the most powerful politicians in those countries, who'd use it to maintain their power. If you did manage to take out those politicians then they'd just be replaced by similar politicians, because the people don't have time to worry about justice or politics.

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    And you think feminism is going to fix all that? Somehow I doubt it.

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