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What is a good age to watch M rated movies?

I am 14 and my parents, particularly my dad, are very strict with what I watch. My dad only lets me watch M movies that he approves of or if I watch them with an adult. My mum is better and doesn't mind if I watch an M movie. I get so frustrated as my friends are allowed to watch M movies with no supervision. I wish my dad would understand that I am responsible and check the content of what I watch before I watch it and that I am not immature and stupid. I want to say to him 'well so you know I am turning 15 next year and sorry for the wake up call by I will legally be able to watch MA15+ next year and you aren't even letting me watch M!!??' What's more, my brother, who is 8, was asked if he wanted to go to the cinemas with his friend and his friend's dad to see the newest Avenger's movie (which is M) and my dad was okay with that! My brother didn't end up going because he was too scared, but how ridiculous is that!? There is 5 year age gap in between my brother and I and we have basically the same rules about the content we watch. It is SOOOOO unfair!! Please comment if you have the same problem, if you agree with me or if you have an opinion. Thanks!


I get that my parents are trying to protect me but why be less strict with my brother? I don't watch lots of violence or sex scenes - I stick with some violence and coarse language.

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    Personally, I think that at age 14 you are definitely ready to watch a rated M movie. I had already watched a bunch of sex and violence and horror at the age of 12, because I was curious and determined and I came away from that relatively un-scarred. My parents were great, but they were not trying to filter everything I saw, within reason, and that was a good thing.

    But, things were different in the olden days, in the 80s... we were just getting used to home video players, and not having to go to the cinema to watch a movie that isn't at least 5 years old. There were ratings for shows, but we didn't really pay attention to them. My older brother wanted to watch horror movies and comedy porn, and I got to watch at least 20 minutes of it before I was told to sod off.

    In your case, that is a perplexing double standard... I agree, how is any Avenger's movie OK for your 8 year old brother, but not OK for you? Really, those Avengers movies aren't particularly shocking in any way, I'm surprised that any of them got an M rating... there's probably scarier stuff in the Harry Potter movies.

    Just ask your dad, in a friendly non-adversarial way, why he does not think you should see M rated movies? Why, for example, is the Avengers OK for your younger brother and not for you? Tell him that you're asking because you want to understand his point of view. You are allowed to ask questions... you may not be allowed to see the Avengers, but you are allowed to ask perfectly reasonable questions.

    A parent does not do their teenager any favors by shielding them too much from the way that the world is. We have to live in that world, we have to come to terms with it. At age 14, yes, some things may be too extreme, but certainly not M rated movies, and certainly not the Avengers... that stuff is practically pitched at a audiences your age. So that's my advice. Show him how mature you are by making it clear that you see what is going on, and that you want to understand it.

    • Well, that doesn't make sense, clearly. There is no good reason for you to be prohibited from M rated movies. Your parents get to set the rules in the house, that's true, but rules that do not make sense, and that are actually very regressive, they should be questioned, politely but determinedly.

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    whats a M rated movie .....explain

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      The rating means for “Mature” audiences. I haven’t seen the rating on movies, though.

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    If your parents didn't care what goes into your mind from your eyes, I imagine you could watch whatever you wanted; however, they're showing their love and concern for you. The Bible offers this suggestion at Ephesians 6:1-3 "Children, be obedient to your parents in union with the Lord, for this is righteous. 2 “Honor your father and your mother” is the first command with a promise: 3 “That it may go well with you and you may remain a long time on the earth.”

    Here is another suggestion Exodus 23:2 "You must not follow after the crowd to do evil . . ."

    The point is your time will come when you can go and see whatever you want. Right now, just listen to your parents. The article on the website below might interest you.

    Source(s): wol/ 90 7/22/Does It Matter Which Movies I See?
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    50 is a good age. They say you shouldn't watch M movies at your age because it will affect you when you grow older.

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      To the update of the question: Your dad probably didn't realize Avengers is a M movie, he likely thought it's some random superhero movie (superheros are often associated with cartoons which are associated with children). But in the end it's not that big a deal.

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