When one looks at interviews on BBC about BREXIT and its present state one fails to understand the conclusion.Can you throw some light ?

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  • Aiden
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    11 months ago

    Right now the current situation of brexit is this.

    Boris will have to get us out of the EU at the end of this month or his supporters will abandon him.

    Those supporters will rally to Nigel Farage who I'm pretty certain will get us out of the EU.

    If neither of these people get us out of the EU, then the labour party will continue to extend brexit until the EU gets sick of us or the people tip the scales.

    There will not be a deal. The EU will reject everything that the conservative party proposes because they want Britain to stay in or leave on bad terms to make a statement to any other countries that wish to leave. And the conservatives will reject everything Labour proposes because Labour will propose a deal that the EU will actually accept (a bad deal for the UK).

    In terms for a deal. If we want a deal that benefits both the UK and the EU, we'll have to leave with a no-deal first. As that would remove the idea that the EU can keep us in by rejecting the offer and will give them more of an incentive to trade with the UK as the UK is a very important country to the EU. But that is only our best chance of getting a mutually-beneficial deal, not to say it will definitely work. It depends on how much the EU wants to send a message and how well they can cope without the UK and also how well the UK can cope without the EU.

    A referendum is the best way to quickly solve this mess.


    Deal - where we continue to extend our time in the EU until we work out a deal.

    No Deal.

    If the people vote for this then the government can all follow one direction and the UK can get out of this mess decisively. The only problem is that a referendum will not happen because Corbyn does not want a referendum unless 'no deal' is taken off the table. Which I think is disgusting if you want my opinion, not just because I'm a brexiter but mostly because it's undemocratic.

    So to find out the conclusion of brexit it is just a case of waiting to see whether Boris can pull us out or not. I'd give it 2/3 of a chance that we'll be out of the EU by the end of 2020 lol.

    So those are the important parts of brexit at the moment. If you want the intricacies of who said what and all of the name calling and politics that's happening surrounding brexit, perhaps someone else can fill you in on that. I personally don't care about that kind of thing, What people say don't matter, but I think it's best to look at the actions they take.

    Well hopefully that helped.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Brexit will happen. You're welcome.

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