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Why exactly was I removed from the post? Is there anything I couldve done differently? *giving BA*?

I literally did everything within my job to behave right, so heres the situation.

I found a car without a visitors pass, then I gave him a long time to come back to his car. He didnt come back in time and so the towtruck company was called (this is my job to do this)

Turns out the guy hid the visitors pass in his car, and then lied and said it was on the seat.

The police was called and asked for all of my proof, but they decided to go with the guy saying that it was on the seat. The police knew that the guy went in his car and before showing me, and theres video tape of him doing that. (I managed to look in his car before he got in and didnt see a visitors pass on the seat, its supposed to be on the dashboard)

The guest and the resident came out to argue at me, but the tow truck guy didnt drop the vehicle even when I asked.

Now I got removed from the post because the client didnt like what she seen. I've been having problems with this client every since I started. She would lie on me even though video tape, and my logs proved otherwise.

I heard from the new guy replacing me that the client was saying that I called a tow on the guest car for no reason. I been very stressed working there.


I reported this issue to the client, and two supervisors. One supervisor even checked the car with me. And I also wrote the issue down in my log so it goes to my manager.

Update 2:

There was a woman who got removed, she was really good. They brought her back after having so many temps.

Update 3:

Anon- I am grown. Im just trying to figure out if theres anyway to handle it better.

Update 4:

I did take pictures. 10. I took 10 of them one on the dash right, another 2 on the dash left. one pic on the window left, one pic on the window right. I took another picture of the persons license plate. back and front of the car and also the warning I wrote him. He threw off the warning on the ground and got away with that too.

Update 5:

And I showed the police the date and the time on the pictures. There were many multiple pictures of the same spots. And the cops told me that it needs to say put on the dashboard on the guest pass. Because otherwise what the guest was saying is that its true that its visible in the seat (if it was in the seat then it still wouldnt be visible because I cant see those words written,

Update 6:

As I said. The police took the side of the guest with no proof.

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    Sometimes you are just better off working someplace else.  I goes back on who issued the pass.  If the pass was issued by your client, then they are responsible for having the proper instructions clearly printed on it.  There is also a thing called common sense which should have told the guest that the pass needed to be visible.  When you have hundreds of cars parked on the client's property, you can't possibly be expected to search over every vehicle looking for a pass.  You gave the visitor reasonable time then called a tow truck.  If the vehicle is on private property without a properly displayed pass, you have every right to have the vehicle towed.  Once the tow truck shows up and has hooked up to the vehicle, the towing company wants to get paid so they will take the vehicle and somebody has to pay to get it back.

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  • 9 months ago

    it should clearly stand on a guest pass that it must be displayed on a dashboard. u should have taken a picture with your phone that there was no guest pass on a dashboard. when u take a picture on your phone it stands the date and time of u taking the picture. thus your point would have been proven. if u did not take the picture it is your word against the guest car\s owner.

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