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What should I do?

I don’t know what to do.  I’ve met someone who’s here on a visa, in Australia.  He said his dad has American citizenship.  He has citizenship in two other countries but hasn’t been clear about whether he has American citizenship.  His dad’s a US citizen, he has family living in Australia he could get Australian citizenship from that I’m going to meet soon, he has a job on the approved list for permanent residency (engineer); and it looks legitimate.  He even knows I can’t sponsor him to get him citizenship and he doesn’t care.  He said he can stay in Australia long term without my help.  Is this true?  

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    First of all, he categorically CANNOT get citizenship via family living in Australia. Australia does NOT have 'chain' migration.

    If he is a degree qualified engineer and can obtain a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, there is a chance that he could get a permanent visa, but the points required to get an invitation to apply for a visa for most engineering occupations are extremely high (at least 85 and for some types of engineer, 95). If he's under 30-ish and doesn't have a post-graduate degree from study in Australia, he would be most unlikely to actually be able to get a visa. Simply having an eligible occupation is only a fairly small part of what's needed.

    Tread very carefully. He sounds pretty dodgy to me.

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  • Maxi
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    9 months ago

    You keep asking the same question, so you logically know this person is not what he states he is

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  • 9 months ago

    Just because he says his dad is US citizen does not mean dad has met US residency requirements prior to his birth & could have gotten him US citizenship. Or if his dad naturalized, it takes a long time to file a petition for an adult child over 21 & wait for a possible immigration visa, IF the father qualifies to sponsor!

    There's a lot of "pie in the sky by and by" with this guy. I would say "nice meeting you. Perhaps we'll run into each other again sometime." IF he's pursuing you, I would not believe him. He has ulterior motives, a Hidden Agenda. Protect yourself.

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