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Can he keep renewing his visa?

I’m dating a man who has citizenship in Kenya and Jamaica, who’s here on a 5 year visa and working as an engineer.  He has siblings living in Australia, where I live and he lives there, too.  I told him I can’t marry him for citizenship, because I can’t work full time and therefore, prove that I can sponsor him for two years to get it.  He said he doesn’t care and that he can not only get permanent residency if he decides he wants it through his job as an engineer, but also that he has family he could get it through.  He said he can live permanently in Australia.  My question is, can he keep renewing his visa?  

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    Temporary employment visa may be renewed by the employer, if the type & qualifications of his engineering degree(s) remain on the shortage list eligible for such employment visas. Likewise, depending on the type of engineer he is, and his specific qualifications, IF that's on the shortage list, he may be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Problem is the list is updated regularly, and not all types of engineers may be in short supply. Or they can increase qualifications (e.g. require master's degree instead of bachelor's, increase experience requirements, etc.), and he might no longer qualify. Unless you examine everything closely, he might be deceiving you & you have no clue as to current - and especially not future! - conditions.

    Do you want to be involved with a Kenyan-Jamaican citizen whose future status could be up in the air? In fact, just because he says he's an engineer on an employment visa, you don't know for certain if it's true at present, do you? It would seem from your info here, he has no intention of returning home, and he could very well be trying to manipulate the system whether he qualifies or not. You don't know. Except that the visa/immigration fraud rate of Kenyans & other Africans is very, very high, and so is the rate for Jamaicans (Jamaicans are about the worst of all Caribbean countries).

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    I've answered several of your questions about this guy and your relationship, but this is the first time I've seen that he's "here on a 5 year visa".

    You need to know that...

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 5 YEAR AUSTRALIAN VISA! The only visas that have a 5 year term attached to them in any respect are permanent visas and the 5 years applies only to the travel rights they carry. From what you've told us, he doesn't hold a permanent visa.

    Sounds like you are being scammed.

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    If his employer wants to keep him, the employer can continue to sponsor him for the work visa.

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    No way we all suffer from dookie galore

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