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what are the chances a home pregnancy test gives you a false positive after missed period??

i know this is not the best place to ask for serious advice like this but i'm too anxious to wait for one of the "trying to conceive" or "mommy to be" forums to respond because who knows how long that would take. 

basically, i'm about 4 days late and i decided to buy and take a pregnancy test. I bought the clearblue digital smart countdown test because i heard those are pretty accurate. this isn't my first time having a pregnancy scare so I've done my fair share of research on what to look out for and from past experiences so i think i know by now how to use a test properly... as sad as that is. I took the test at like 9:55 and waited until 10 to check and to my surprise...a negative test result. 

I'm going to test again in the morning because i know morning urine is the most concentrated. i'm currently about to hit day 37 in my cycle which is not normal but i have been stressed out with college and relationship issues  so who knows. 


I mistakenly put "false positive" instead of "false negative" so ignore that

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    You didn't get a false positive dear, you got a negative. I got 3 faint plus signs and a ClearBlue Digital "Pregnant" 2 days before my missed period, so if you were pregnant, it would've likely shown up on the test. Those tests are pretty accurate and I didn't use my first morning pee on 3 out of 4 tests. It's likely just stress. Do you know when you ovulate and do you know if you had sex anywhere near your ovulation day?

    • Tri-Harder
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      How do you know you ovulated that day? An app or counting days doesn't determine ovulation. If you had ovulated on the 29th, you should have a period or positive test by now.

  • 1 month ago

    You got a negative result, so where was the "false positive"?

    • Tri-Harder
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      If you're testing too early, the test will be negative. If you don't get a period in another week or so, test again. If it's been at least three weeks since sex and you test negative, it should be reliable.

  • Logan
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    1 month ago

    You really can't get an accurate results from those until a couple of weeks in.

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