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how can I come to terms with my own insignificance to others? I am unliked and unloved and "invisible" whilst others have it all?

how do I cope?


i am so alone it hurts.

I work and I am healthy and for that I am grateful, but my heart aches for one genuine friend or someone that cares.

the world is full of fakers and those who dont care

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  • 9 months ago

    You have yourself

    you have your mind

    you have your talents,

    depend on those, not on human beings :D

  • 10 months ago

    As is often the case, I disagree with many of your answerers. I felt as you do for years. What helped me was something I did which I did without the slightest idea of changing my personality or seeking professional help. After I retired, I felt that my life was pretty meaningless and decided to try to do something before I died that I could offer up to God as a sacrifice and feel proud of having done. I decided to go to India and work with Mother Teresa in the slums of Calcutta helping those she called the poorest of the poor. I worked in several hostels trying to comfort dying souls who truly were invisible. They would die in the streets and people would only realize they were dead when they started to smell. We talk about the poor in my country (America) and no one knows what it means to really be poor. I couldn't stand it after a year and left feeling that I had accomplished nothing. However, it changed my life. I didn't feel sorry for myself anymore, nor did I feel invisible. I found that if I forgot about myself and did little things like bake muffins for my neighbors in the retirement community in which I now live, that I received an appreciation and affection out of all proportion to the small things I had done. Now, when I speak with someone like a cashier in a supermarket or a stranger on a bus, I receive a smile or sometimes, on a bus, a complete life story. I am amazed and I realize how many lonely people there are out there who also have no one. I don't know if you have the strength or the desire to help, AND IT MUST BE GENUINE!, you'll find that people will realize that you really care and respond with an appreciation and affection that is out of all proportion to the small thing you have done. So, like me, realize that in the end, we're all insignificant and the only thing we can do is leave the world a little better for our having been here.

  • 10 months ago

    You need to add a variety of likable qualities to yourself. These qualities will not just show up out of nowhere. You have to learn them. Learn how to be interesting. Learn how to be charming. Learn about what personal qualities are liked and get noticed by others. YouTube is loaded with all kinds of self improvement tutorials. Don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourself. Start rebuilding yourself now.

  • 10 months ago

    Paul Tillich said that “loneliness expresses the pain of being alone, and solitude expresses the joy”

    Sometimes I feel loneliness even when I am with people. I fail to feel connected when I engage or just feel ignored. Some of this has to do with a couple self-center people I spend time with, and some of this is me not trusting people because of some bullying in my life.

    Consider why you feel lonely. Are there times you can change your scenery? Any how, find people you can trust—maybe it’s a barista or a coworker, or a church friend. Maybe it’s a therapist and be authentic and vulnerable. Also find solitude in your alone time. Good luck.

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  • Liz
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    10 months ago

    Well, you are not insignificant to God. John 3:16 tells us “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life."

    You might be interested in the article on the website below.

    Source(s): 11 11/14 Keys to a Happy Life
  • P
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    10 months ago

    You're the one hiding behind blue anonymous. If you can't cope then get professional help

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Ask a therapist, not a philosopher.

  • j153e
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    10 months ago

    Adopt an animal pet, dog, cat, etc.

    Volunteer at your favorite church.

    Talk with a counselor at and

    Read "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet; "For Couples Only" by Shaunti Feldhahn; "101 Things All Young Adults Should Know" by Sir John Hawkins.

  • 10 months ago

    You are significant to God.  He loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sins and rise again the third day so that you could have a home in heaven.  In the meantime, find a Bible-believing church to attend.  Some Baptist churches are good.  You will find friends there.  Read the New Testament.  Start with the Gospel of John; then Romans.  Pray about everything that concerns you.  He hears  and answers.  Just take a step of faith and believe His Word. 

  • small
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    10 months ago

    Nobody is insignificant..... everyone has some unique positives as well as negatives...... you need to identify and concentrate on your positives.......

    Stop pitying yourself and start making friends..... all it needs is a strong confident resolve to improve and a mild, positive behavior towards others.

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