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218 code ? Chase Card holder?

Has anyone else had this problem? Earlier today I went to target to run a few errands and as I was paying my card got declined. Tried it a couple more times and still got a decline. I was thinking the chip is probably damaged ( I usually always use the chip ) but then I tried the swipe and still declined. I thought it was just target so I went to another store and same thing. I’ve looked up what the code meant but I don’t get it like my card worked perfectly fine yesterday how could it of just gotten bad all of a sudden ? (And yes I have money in the bank, so it can’t be for that reason) Has anyone ever had this problem? I already went to the bank and ordered a new one but I won’t be able to use my card at all until I get the new one because I keep getting declined even if the chip or swipe went through. 

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    Request Denied

    Transaction is not valid for this authorizer.

    That is what the code means. Did you call the toll free number on the card and ask why this happened? What did they tell you?

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  • 9 months ago

    You shouldn't own a credit/debit card if the first thing you didn't do is call your bank AND monitor your activities.

    If I were you, I would use the Chase Mobile app as suggested.

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    • John9 months agoReport

      When you went to the bank and told them about the problem, what did they determine was the cause? Certainly they looked into it. If not, go back and ask them. They can do loads more to help you with it then some random strangers on the internet can.

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