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Will I receive any documents in the mail after registering to vote?

Okay, so it's a bit of a silly situation, but I am 20 years old and am now registering to vote. I haven't previously just because I wasn't old enough during last election. My concern is that, I've gotten letters in the mail before urging me to register to vote, so even though I'm registering online I'm afraid they'll send me a follow-up letter, like a "thanks for registering democrat!" thing or something. I know it's stupid, but I live with my dad currently and he's hardcore republican. We have a great relationship but political stance is one thing he never shuts up about and I don't need him starting an argument with me about. The same question goes for when I actually do vote; will they send me anything after voting? 

Sorry, I know this is a stupid question, but ever since I started getting older and forming my own opinions it's actually put a little strain on our relationship. Sometimes it's better that I keep how I feel about certain things hidden.

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    Whether you get any kind of official notification will depend on your state and how they do things. I live in New York and when I registered to vote at my new address they sent me a voter registration card which had my voter information on it (including polling place address and such). The state will probably not send you anything which has your information on the exterior of it. You also won't get anything saying "Thanks for being a Democrat" unless you registered as a Democrat when you registered to vote. You don't need to register for a party when you register to vote (some states require you to be a party member to vote in the primary). Also, who you cast your ballot for will be completely private. No one, not even poll workers, will know whether you voted for a Democrat or Republican. So you won't get anything on that front. If you're really concerned about your family identifying you as a Democrat then you may want to limit how much you interact with Democratic politicians and organizations. If you give them money, or even just your name and address, they're going to send you things asking for money and support. But the government shouldn't be sending you stuff unless you register for the party.

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    You should get a voter's registration card, which you may or may not need to present when you go vote. Depending what state you live in you may need ID, like a driver's license too.

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    They don't send anything after voting. I think they send something after registering, and maybe something before each election.

    By the way, if you are 20 now, then you were old enough to vote in the last election. There was an election for Congress in 2018 (18 is old enough to vote). You probably meant you were not old enough to vote in the last Presidential election (which was in 2016).

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    maybe you should get a po box if you dont want him seeing your mail

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