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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationMaintenance & Repairs · 7 months ago

First time servicing my car?

Recently purchased a used car. Done few thousand km’s. Before going on a road trip I want to change some oil and filter. 

But unsure of a few things. 

I’ve been advised to not use performance type parts for servicing a car for air and oil filter. Is this true? 

Also with oil filter. Is it only the size of the filter that is different. So if it fits, it will work?

for engine oil, if the same type of oil is used but different brand. Will there be much or any damage? Eg 5w 30. But different brands. 

3 Answers

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    maybe you should have a mechanic show you how to do all that

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  • 7 months ago

    You don't have to do anything unusual unless the car is old, fast, or weird. The back of the owner's manual is the first place to look for service advice specific to your car. Going beyond that is usually a waste of money.

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  • 7 months ago

    There are various reviews for filters- air and oil. Hold your air filter up to the light and if no light shines through, it's done. Replace it with a well known brand, but don't buy the most expensive one that you're going to throw away next year or sooner if your environment clogs air filters quickly. For oil filters, OEM is good but some other brands don't have the quality they should since oil changes are recommended in short periods in certain cars.

    I would run engine flush before changing the oil, to get rid of varnish and sludge. Refill with good quality oil, the weight recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure you have the right tools before you start the job. Watch a youtube on your car to be sure about how you do it.

    I like to add Slick 50 to my engines. I started using it in a broken-in new car and when it needed a burned valve replaced at 80,000 miles ( dealer service adjusted them too tight ) the hone marks were still in the cylinders, indicating virtually no wear.

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    • The Devil
      Lv 7
      7 months agoReport

      You never tried it, Lord Nose. For 40 years, it's been good for me. After using engine flush the filter is very heavy with deposits.

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