Philosophical thought.  The moment we are born, are all beings looking for peace but don’t truly find it until death?

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    4 weeks ago
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    No. Some seek and thrive on extreme excitement, violence or mahem, none of which are peaceful. What everyone seeks is happiness.

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    The search is the first step towards finding the answers :)

  • Dejair
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    3 weeks ago

    Error then. I believe the mastery of life is the true purpose for incarnated beings , here and now . Super-health, shiny youth, comfortable wealth !

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    4 weeks ago


    Just food

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  • I've found peace, so I'd say that's not entirely true.

  • 4 weeks ago

    IDK, I feel like we get moments of peace, and if they go on too long we get bored. Considering no one knows what happens after death, it is hard to say what one finds in it, too. All that can be said with certainty is that it is a dramatic change.

  • j153e
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    4 weeks ago

    The peace one knew as a soul in the Mother's womb varies according to the individual soul's awareness and his or her mother's soul. However, that peace, and the peace Abraham knew counseling with Melchizedek before he, Abraham, "was in his father's loins," are two Way-marks. A third point: if the newborn is gazed at and held by an adult for one minute in the first 45 minutes postpartum, the child's peaceful awareness continues...otherwise, her awareness shuts down for 2-3 months, before beginning to feel peaceful enough to continue to develop. Her physical body continues to develop, but fMRI studies show her brainwaves, which are more like Descartes' soul-mind reflecting God's Mind, do not.

    Like Love, most everyone knows what Peace is; therefore, wherever one is in terms of knowing Love and/or Peace, one has agency, the ability to elect to call on God or Source, to learn to express more and a higher Love and/or Peace. This may also be learned as meditating briefly on Love and/or Peace, Harmony, etc. before sleep; the human mind during sleep is both able to combine, consolidate, and refashion daily efforts, and the heavenly presences are always ready to assist the soul personality, more free in sleep from earthly concerns or focus.

    Related: "Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth," Dr. David Chamberlain;

    "Memories of Heaven: Children's Astounding Recollections of the Time before They Came to Earth," Dr. Wayne Dyer;

    "Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives," Dr. Jim Tucker;

    "The Master of Lucid Dreams," Dr. Olga Kharitidi;

    "Watch Your Dreams;"

    "The Masters and Their Retreats;"

  • I never want to die. And if it ever became possible to extend my life I would.

    Crap is temporary. Life is eternal. And life is always here. We just exit from it into nothingness. When we die it is as though the film were clipped. Or the projector broke. There was always going to be another moment in the film. It’s just halted at a single point. There is always a future you had you not died.

    If only people could be rewound like a mechanical person.

    • Henry
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      4 weeks agoReport

      They tried that in the Mortal Engines series of books. It turns out to be a bad idea.

  • Funny it sure seems that a great many of them are looking for chaos and drama

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