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How can my rent on my mobile home double in five years?

When I bought my mobile home the rent was $750.00. Now five years later someone new bought the mobile home park & it's up to $1500.00. I don't know what I'm going to do. I live in a senior park & there are many seniors here, including myself, who live on limited income. How is this OK to be able to do to us?


Forgot to include I live in Santa Ana, and this isn't the top of the line area. We are all shocked this has happened. I see old people crying all the time about this. New owner wouldn't sign leases with us to not raise rents, he raised them on all of us & said he has to for repaving.

Update 2:

Will the Calif. rent control just passed stop this from happening?

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    Unless there's a rent control law saying they can't, yes they can.

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    A senior park is not low income housing unless designated as such. A senior park only means you do not have to live next to screaming children. They have no legal obligation to keep the rates low.

    He had no legal obligation to allow any existing tenant to sign a new lease.

    The rent control law was retroactively effective for March 15th. If he served the rent increase notices to you before March 15th then the notice is legal & valid as written. IF served after March 15th then you all need to get together & seek legal aid.

    I do not know the CA rent control law but the state wide rent control passed here in Oregon does effect mobile home & RV parks. I manage an RV park. I would expect the CA one to be the same. Laws in these 2 states are very similar. You will have to consult a local real estate professional that is versed in the new law to make sure.

    No not all senior properties are low income or get any discount. Senior and low income senior are not the same thing. There are many VERY over priced senior housing developments across the US. There is senior, Senior affordable housing & low income senior.

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    How can you have rent if you bought?

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    unless there are rent control laws, you should have been aware that could occurred in a lot in my state (I don't know exactly how much, but it was a lot).

    as you rent a lot and not an apartment, you need to see if rent control applies to you.

    did the law take effect BEFORE the rent was raised?

    could be a pre emptive strike to raise the rent before the law took effect.

    free lawyers are only for the poorest of the poor and it will be hard to sell with rent that high..and expensive to move.

    do you have room for a tenant? will the landlord allow it?

    as far as I know, all legal senior housing IS DISCOUNTED through tax breaks, but not all to the degree of low income housing.

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    maybe you should talk to a lawyer about it

  • 10 months ago

    I tthink you can rent that

  • 10 months ago

    You should have gotten a new lease to sign from the new owner. Contact the new owner and ask about it. You may have to move your home or sell it. There are free neighborhood lawyers who may be able to help you also

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