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my4 asked in Education & ReferenceFinancial Aid · 4 weeks ago

Questions about registering for the draft?

As my kids have entered high school I’m starting to find more information about students wanting scholarships or financial aid for college need to be registered for the draft. But what if your child medically cannot be in the military? Do they still need to register for the draft? My son is missing most of his small intestine and one kidney and another has pretty severe asthma making them both in eligible for the draft. So How does that work for them when going ahead applying for financial aid and scholarships if they’re in eligible for the draft?

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  • RICK
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    3 weeks ago

    Yes they must still register

    There has not been a draft in over 40 years

    There is no plans to start one

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, he still has to register with the selective service - which is NOT a "draft".

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    they just need to be honest with them and see what happens

  • 4 weeks ago

    If the draft starts up again (which, imho, would be a good thing) the draftees would be examined & tested prior to actually being enlisted. Folks who are found medically unfit to serve would be weeded-out at this point.

    Listen to the Arlo Guthrie song "Alice's Restaurant" or the scene in "Hair" when they play "White Boys/Black Boys" for a pop-culture example of how this would work.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Under current law, he still has to register within 30 days of his 18th birthday.

    Any medical exemption will be applied only if a draft is authorized. It's part of the process for examining draftees prior to induction.

  • Frank
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    4 weeks ago

    We don't have a DRAFT anymore, you idiot. It is mandatory to register for the selective service. There is no "criteria" at that point to determine whether or not the military could induct you or not. It doesn't matter. Everyone HAS to register...its doesn't matter if he/she has no ARMS or DEAF and BLIND. THERE IS NO DRAFT! REGISTER!!

    • John4 weeks agoReport

      Actually, only MALES have to register. Females do not.

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