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Do I need developer with my dye? ?

I bought hair dye called " ice cream" it's black dye but my question is. If I buy developer will it deepen the colour depending on the level of it? Like the strength of the developer? 

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  • Some require a developer, some don't.

    If you have any instructions for the dye read them a few times.

    Also do a strand test and an allergy if you've never use that brand of dye before.

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  • Laura
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    9 months ago

    Developer is used to activate the product. You might need it you might not.

    Ice cream isn't a brand of dye, so i don't know what product you have.

    I recommend reading the instructions and following them. The directions will tell you if you need developer or not.

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      Hi there. Sorry for not being clear, the brand is Inebrya.

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