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Why are Eastern Europeans more sexually dimorphic than Western Europeans?

I have noticed this too often. Physical differences between men and women in Eastern Europe is much higher than those in Western Europe. If you go to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania or any east euro country, you will find women have narrow waist, delicate body, less muscle mass and men will be much muscular, broad shoulders and strong body.

In western europe, women look physically strong, have broad shoulders, bulky body and men have narrow shoulders, less muscle and are wimpy.

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    There is no evidence of that. The difference in height between men and women are one of the most noticeable sexual dimorphisms. It is found world wide, and yet if you compare the heights of all people on earth, there is a consistent 2-3 inch difference between men and women within any one country, but there is much bigger difference between the heights of men from different countries or even between men from different regions of the same country. If you measure the height of men and women in, say, Britain, you will find that the average man is 2-3 inches taller than the average woman. It is the same if you go to, say, Serbia, where men are taller than women by an average of 2-3 inches.

    Body type differences are the same. Europeans and other people adapted to cold climates, such as North Asians, tend to have shorter arms and legs, a more rounded torso, more facial and body hair, more body fat and lighter skin. If you measure body fat content or hairiness, for example, the difference between European men and women is not as much as the difference between Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans of either sex. Women of east and west Europe are more similar and they are both much more likely to have hairy legs that need shaving than women of subSaharan Africa and SE Asia.

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    East Asians have a little less dimorphism. I hadn't noticed that with East and West Europeans but it seems to apply to many ethnic French.

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    that is not true ......the russian women I know, are much taller than the average american girls which are generally BBW

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    Caucasian Hunter-Gatherer (CHG) is the name of an anatomically modern human genetic lineage, first identified in a 2015 study, based on the population genetics of several modern Western Eurasian (European, Caucasian and Near Eastern) populations. CHG ancestry was also found as represented in ancient DNA, in a Upper Palaeolithic specimen from Satsurblia cave (dated ca. 11000 BC), and in a Mesolithic one from Kotias Klde cave, in western Georgia (dated ca. 6000 BC).

    The CHG lineage descended from a population that split off the base Western Eurasian lineage very early, around 45,000 years ago, pre-dating the split that led to differentiated populations that descended separately to Ust'-Ishim man, Oase1 and European hunter-gatherers. The Caucasus hunter-gatherers managed to survive in isolation through the Last Glacial Maximum as a distinct population.

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    time and time again u post this but ur statement is false. there are western european women AND men that are broad shouldered and bulky. but there are also western european women AND men that are narrow shouldered and wimpy/weak looking.

    there are eastern european women AND men that are broad shouldered and with a stronger body. but there are also eastern european women AND men that are wimpy/weak looking .

    you can find both types all over europe. ive seen plenty of delicate, feminine looking western european women so i have no clue where you get your ideas from. ive also seen a few wimply looking russian men, believe it or not. they do exist. lol

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