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Where will my post be sent?

I ordered three items on eBay, and when on the address section, wrote the wrong address. I put my current address but the postcode of my old house, which I can still go to as my family live there. It appears the items have been dispatched, so I’m wondering where they will go to? What would be the best course of action if they don’t arrive at either? Thankyou 

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  • 8 months ago
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    You did not tell us who the carrier would be delivering the package.

    If it is the USPS, they will sort first by the Zip Code. Once the item reaches the local post office for that zip, they will realize that they can not deliver it because the street address does not exist. It will be up to the worker to decide if they want to try to track down the right sip code. If they can not (or do not ant to try) it will be returned to the sender.

    If it is Fed Ex or UPS, they also sort first by Zip Code. Once it reaches a local office they will discover the street address does not exist. Since both require a phone number as part of the shipping information, they will attempt to reach you be phone to correct the address. If they can not, they will reship the package based on city and state. When it reaches the city, if they can not figure out how to get it to you, it will be returned to the sender. Both will update the tracking on their sites so you can see what is happening with the package.

    If it is returned to the sender, it will be up to the sender to decide how he wants to proceed. Most will contact you and try to get the address corrected.

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