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Do you think medications for mental illness can help the mentally ill person become a useful person?

In this modern era, mental illnesses are very common. That is why a lot of people study to become a psychiatrist, but I have read that many medications for mental illness can make the patients dumber, and of course dumb people are usually useless.

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    When you look at the main group of mental disorders below, modern medicine has helped but only to a certain extent. You can only do so much to help people who have physical damage to their brains due to injury, age, birth defect, or some other physical change that affects their mental health. The fact is, medicines can help with one type of disorder, only to cause another to rear its ugly head or become more aggressive. 

    - Mood disorders (such as depression or bipolar disorder)

    - Anxiety disorders

    - Personality disorders

    - Psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia)

    - Eating disorders

    - Trauma-related disorders (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)

    - Substance abuse disorders

    Many people who suffer from mental disorders are given medicines that help control the symptoms, but don't cure them, and in reality, many are left numb, in conditions that are just a few stages below a vegetative state or just oblivious to the world around them. That's the trade-off that comes with taking powerful medicines, because these medicines affect chemical levels in the brain. 

    I personally took Zoloft for less than a year, and even though it did put a halt to my panic & anxiety attacks, I was getting absolutely horrible nightmares, daydreams, and random thoughts day and night. When someone crossed me for any reason, no matter how small or large the confrontation, I dreamed of hurting them or had thoughts just appear in my head where I acted in a vengeful matter. I've never had this happen before--only when taking Zoloft. After consulting with my doctor, I weaned myself off of this powerful medicine. 

    There's a misconception that just because these new types of medicines are so-called safer, that they are less powerful, and that's just not the case--they are very powerful. They are now considered less physically damaging to the human brain and body, but they are more powerful in how they affect chemical balances in the brain.

    When you're talking about how the brain functions, you're talking chemicals, chemicals that can change over time by themselves, and levels of chemicals that flow throughout the brain. Traumatic events, whether physical, emotional or psychological can trigger level and composition changes. 

    The human brain is still a mystery to science. Even with modern medicine, some people cannot be changed, controlled or affected by medicine--they are just physically damaged beyond medicine. And, while they may be somewhat restrained mentally, they still pose a danger to themselves and others. Only they know what it is that can set them off, no matter how small the trigger mechanism. 

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    How do we know? ........

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    Mental illnesses are common in every era. Medications are allowing people to lead relatively normal lives and closing down many mental institutions.

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    with absolutely no healing properties no chance those doctors are prescribing controlled substances their putting their kids thru collage with profits they've made off their dreams

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    I agree. They are on par with ugly people in terms of overall appeal

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