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Why do moms favor their daughters WAY more?

I know a few moms who treat their daughters better than their sons.. they take millions of pictures of their daughters and comment about how much they lovd them but never their sons.. I have a son myself but if I had a daughter I would treat them the same. It angers me that women want a girl so bad and act like they won the lottery when they have one but having a son Is just eh. I couldn't even see myself having a girl and I LOVE having a boy. I don't see what's so special about a girl. They grow up to be spoiled brats and boys are more loving. The only fun part of having a girl would be dressing her up in cute dresses but other than that I'd rather have a boy

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    I disagree. From my experience, its actually boys that are cherished and doted over more. Girls have a much harder time (especially during teen years) getting on with their moms. Boys usually turn out to be the golden child of most families.

  • Katie
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    Not all do. My mum will put my brothers needs before mine.

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    "I know a few moms who treat their daughters better than their sons."

    Oh well I'm glad you've made a universal judgment based on "a few." And while we're on the topic of spoiled brats, any mirrors in your house?

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    You're pissed that some women act about sons the way you talk about daughters?

    Pot meet kettle

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    I have two daughters (27 and 24 years old) and an 8 year old son. My daughters are not and never were spoiled brats. They are kind, respectful, intelligent, tolerant and independent young women. My son is a love bug with tons of energy, he’s curious, smart, headstrong, kind and compassionate. I love all three of them beyond words. Can’t speak for this generation of selfie social media moms, but I’m close to my mom and my daughters and enjoy spending time with them. My girls liked posing for pics and doing girl things with me. My son wants no part of these things. He’s so over me taking his pic all the time etc and wants to do his own thing or putter around with his dad. All mine are special and loved fiercely. There’s so much more wonder in raising girls than just dressing them up. There’s just as much wonder raising boys, just different.

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    Just as you seem to have a strong preference for a son, some may have a strong preference for a daughter.

    Source(s): Mom to three adult non-spoiled-brat daughters, none of whom really liked dresses much as children.
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