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Why’s it become trendy for women to “#MeToo” men about things?

And a lot of the time these claims are false as politics nowadays empowers the claims whether backed by real evidence or not. 

Examples are the case where Enzo Amore was fired from WWE after a woman (who conveniently vanished from social media after) claimed he raped her and because he didn’t make WWE aware, he was fired but it came to light that he never even knew he was being accused as it only said “a WWE superstar” in the news report 

Chris Brown was accused and reported to the police by a woman for allegedly stalking and harassing her and it turned out he hardly knew the woman at all (on top of numerous other claims by women trying to get clout off what he did to Rihanna)

Even down to where I used to work a guy I knew was reported by a woman for calling her “darling” as he served her (I’m from the UK). 

And I’ve been on the wrong end of this too. 

Why does society keep telling themselves these types of allegations are really rare when they aren’t. 

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    I've been over this before but I guess I have time to go over it again: The #MeToo movement began as a great way to hold men in power accountable for their unlawful and disgusting actions. Other women watched the effects of the movement, they watched things like the imprisonment of Bill Cosby and the possible future imprisonment of R. Kelly, as well as others, and they said to themselves (because women do love money just as much as men) "Hmm, I wonder what would happen if....."; thus, the #FalseAccusationEra began. Women have now figured out that they do not have to beg a man to do anything for them, they don't have to argue for hours to prove a point, they don't have to ask nicely ---- all a woman needs to say to get a man to submit is "I'll just say you raped me", and that man might as well put on a bra and a pair of the girl's panties because he will be her *****. The courts salivate at the thought of putting another man behind bars, whether he is guilty of rape/sexual assault or not. "How would you know?" you may ask. Because I made the unwise choice to have a sexual encounter with a girl from work, and she is now attempting to burn me. So to answer your question of why it's trendy for women to "#MeToo" men, the answer is it's trendy because women know that 99.9999999999999% of the time, they WILL win these cases and they WILL get whatever it is they seek, be it money or revenge.

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    A lot of women feel embarrassed or ashamed when they are sexually harassed or assaulted. Women have every right to speak out on the crimes against them when they feel most comfortable. Sexual assault is not an easy trauma to confront. A lot of women feel more comfortable speaking about what happened to them when they see other women doing the same; they feel less ashamed when they feel they are not alone. The #MeToo movement made many women feel more comfortable about sharing their experiences, because other people publicized their experiences; thus, women felt they have a way to speak out on their experiences and come to terms with them. Trauma is a very hard thing to deal with, and it's essential to address your traumatic experience(s) before you can move on.

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    its not that trend is hella dead

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Rip off every man's penis and incinerate him.

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    10 months ago

    no survivor wants to associate themselves as victims. This is victim culture. Wanting those extra points for the oppression olympics.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    because the society its feminazi

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    "Why does society keep telling themselves these types of allegations are really rare when they aren’t."

    Because to society doesnt really care about these allegations. For many, its a nice chuckle and then move on to something else more interesting.

    Yes, its not fair and wrong. Boo hoo. Pick yourself up by your own bootstraps and move forward. Because no one cares, no one takes this seriously and some people even laugh at this. Why? Because #MeToo is really just a trend. And trends die out eventually.

    Dont take it so personally if you get swept up in it. Because reacting badly to something like this will just cause you to be laughed at and parodied even worse. Just take the L as they say (take the loss, the beating) and walk on with your head held high.

    1 to 3 years from now no one will give a schit about #MeToo and you can flirt with chicks at work again. No big deal.

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    Falsely accusing someone is becoming more common because it's effective and it's a tactic that long predates #MeToo.   

    Consider the famous case here in America where the Duke LaCrosse team was falsely accused of sexual assault.   The woman who accused them was afraid of losing her child and felt they sympathy that would come with being a rape victim would allow her to keep her child.  The important thing to note however is even despite lying under oath in a court of law, she was never held responsible for her false accusation and that's precisely why such false allegations are becoming more common:  Women who falsely accuse men are almost never held responsible for doing so, making it an easy way to go after someone.

    Also consider how many men who were convicted of sexual assault were later proven innocent by DNA improvements, by the innocence project, etc.  It certainly makes one wonder how many people are still wrongly imprisoned.

  • Bill
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    10 months ago

    That's nothing. Women even pull crap worse than this. Did you know that women can put any mans name on a birth certificate? Can you guess how women use this legal power? Yup, women intentionally put the wrong name on the birth certificate. They then go and ask for child support and since they lied on the birth certificate the WRONG man is liable to pay support.

    The only way a man can get his name removed from a birth certificate is to take it to court and provide DNA evidence that he is not the fathers kid. This however becomes nearly impossible if the woman already used her lie to get child support since courts are very unlikely to let men off the hook for child support even if it is proven they are not the father of the kid.

    Can anyone tell me WHY women have the power to put a man's name on a birth certificate? Who was the fvcking moron that thought giving women that power was a great idea?

    Anyway, to answer your question, its trendy for women to lie about rape accusations because they can do it with little risk to themselves while having a great chance to punish the man that they believe deserves it.

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    Identity politics is all the left have. It's all about what you were born as.

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