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Why do so many conservatives oppose affirmative action?

Don’t they understand advantaging minorities and women is necessary to create a level playing field?

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    As a conservative minority myself, I think it's insulting that the government, universities, and certain corporations believe I need to be given an unfair advantage just because of the color of my skin and rather then the content of character. The government's job isn't to level the playing field, just help clear the way and allow us to take the advantage of those opportunities. Plus affirmative action actually hurts minorities and women. If I were to be accepted to a college that was too advanced for me but was able to attend because the color of my skin I'd struggle a lot more and possibly fail because the college was too advanced. Without affirmative action I'd have a fair advantage just like everyone else and not have to worry about attending a university I am not ready for.

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    Joel has best answer

  • Nathan
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    10 months ago

    They are ridiculous.

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    Do they oppose it? Or do they believe that at this point in history we are overloaded with it. We need to help American citizens, but we cannot take care of the world with medical care. The Peace Corp is a wonderful thing and we will always do what we can, but you must step back at one point in history and determine - Are we doing more harm than good?

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  • Sarah
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    10 months ago

    I’m 25 year old Pakistani American woman..

    And I OPPOSE affirmative action. Discriminating is very wrong in general. So why does the government continue to discriminate against white men ? It’s terrible !

    Besides, white men are very sexy. Why do the harm ???

  • Ann
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    10 months ago

    Because it's unnecessary now and it's racist.

  • Bill
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    10 months ago

    Because it's legalized discrimination. What was even the point of the civil right act if you're just going to use the state to discriminate against people based on their race anyway?

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    How does "advantaging minorities and women" (whatever that means) make a level playing field? "Affirmative action" is just another way of saying "discrimination we approve of". "Affirmative action" means we should have to settle for second best when we go to a doctor or lawyer.

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    Affirmative Action is nothing other than discrimination. It is not a level playing field. People who are admitted to colleges with lower SAT scores on the basis of their surface pigmentation are obviously going to fail out at a greater rate than higher scores, so who got a level playing field here?

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Affirmative action is systematic racism institutionalized against white Americans and Asian Americans. More and more Asian Americans are beginning to realize it these days and siding with Republicans on this issue. AA affects Asian Americans very badly.

    Also, how is it fair that RECENT black immigrants from Africa countries take advantage of AA? Their ancestors were never discriminated in America. It is unfair such recent black immigrants get advantage due to AA when there is a qualified white American whose ancestors have lived in America for centuries loses that opportunity.

    AA does NOT work in country like America that has high level of immigration from all over the world every year.

    Affirmative action gives unqualified people positions they shouldn’t be entitled to. You can’t justify a system where a child of an African American millionaire (like the Obama's daughters) get admission on a diversity quota ahead of a poor white coal miner’s child from west Virginia.

    Affirmative action puts some students of color into environments that are too elite for them to succeed. This is why the rate of African Americans enrolling into universities have increased in recent decades but there is a massive increase in dropout rates and lot of them who get into colleges through affirmative action are not able to complete their course.

    You can't reduce racially based discrimination by enforcing it. By using racially based preferences you are making it official government policy that the preferred group is inferior and cannot succeed without government assistance.

    Worst of all with "affirmative action" there is no way for the general public to determine which members of the preferred group gained their position by achievement and which gained their positions by simply being a member of the preferred group. Thus undermining the accomplishment of the achievers.

    Also, tell me why should Latino Americans get affirmative action privilege? The overwhelming majority of the Latin Americans came after 1970 and had full civil rights from the beginning.

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