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Is it safe to take pills like this?

Hey, so I have a box of 25mg pills but I need to take 12 pills to account for my normal dosage of 300mg is this safe to do? Or is there any other way to take these tablets?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    That does not seem correct. Call your doctor's office and double check.

  • Kerri
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    10 months ago

    It’s safe as long as the medication you are taking is a single drug pill and not a combo of, say pain med with Tylenol added. 300mg is 300mg no matter if it’s in one pill or 12. You may have stomach upset though with a bunch of 25mg pills as all pills have some type of filler/preservatives and these can definitely upset your stomach (not dangerous..just something to think about).

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  • 10 months ago

    yes, 12 x 25 mg = 300 mg

    If your prescription is 300 mg, you would not be given 25 mg pills. Are you positive they are the same drug? If in doubt contact your doctor or pharmacist. 

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