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Missing my teacher?

I went to college two years ago and I really miss one of my high school teachers. She was my history teacher for a year and like a second mother to me. She helped me so much since I was going through a lot that year. I haven't seen her in two years and I miss her so much it breaks my heart... I heard she left my hometown so I don't know where to find her. She doesn't have a Facebook or anything where I could find her. I want to see her so bad and thank her for all those things she's done for me. I feel really guilty for not thanking her that last year of high school. I miss her so much! I never thought I'd miss a teacher that much but she was so much more than just a teacher. She probably doesn't even think of me but I do and I need to see her again. :(

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    9 months ago

    You could write a letter to your teacher and address it to your school. Maybe the school will be able to reroute the letter to her current address.

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    9 months ago

    Yes, she probably doesn't think about you but at least she liked you as a student and as a kid. Maybe you should just forget her and move on. People enter your life for a reason and she was meant to play a role in your life but her role is now done. Be thankful you had her in your life cause she sounds like a wonderful person but there's nothing you can do. Loving her and being thankful for her existence in your life is enough at this point. Maybe you'll meet her again one day. You never know.

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      Wow, why are you being so rude? How do you know she doesn't think about her? She might do.

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